Current Herdsires
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Gilchrist DR Hoss  (1198472)
1/23/2007  JSTR 7003
UBAR High Capacity 224  X  Par Selma MA 373
Ranked in the Top 1% for WW, YW, TM, and CW in the
entire Red Angus Breed!
BW 0.3 WW 60  YW 110 Milk 21  TM 51  CW 66
Due to his untimely death at the end of July 2011 we will no longer offer semen for sale

Osteopetrosis (OS)-- Tested FREE
DR Hoss as a Yearling                                                                DR Hoss  as a 2 Yr. Old
TBR Blocker U211   (1239144)
2/23/2008    U211 25R
LJC Mission Statement x Feddes Blockana 237

BW 0.0  WW 39  YW 82  Milk 25  TM 44
Official OBI test data-
ADG 5.61   WDA 3.60
Scrotal 41.5 cm
Bfat .34   REA 15.4  MARB 4.58

Highlight from the 2009 Red Alliance Spring sale in Stillwater, OK
from John & Carla Ekland--Two Bit Ranch - Van Alstyne, TX
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SAR Barlee 107X
DR Hoss x Bowden Barlee 4x E203
RA Reg.# 1360506
SAR Alberta 113X
DR Hoss x Bowden Golden Alberta
RA Reg.#1360505
SAR DR Gold 106X
DR Hoss x Bowden Goldi B346
RA Reg.# 1371050
The newest addition is--
DJH Winstar A05 (1614326)
1/9/2013  A05 TKV
BJR Make My Day 981 x DJH Lucia 501
(LCC Vaquero1412J daughter)
BW -2.1  WW 64  YW 105  Milk 14  TM 46

Lead off lot in the 2014 South Central Red Genetics Sale!
GMRR Valentine 106C (1742121)
Reserve Champion Foundation Red
Angus Female at the 2015 Iowa
State Fair
Maternal Grandsire "Dr Hoss"