Donor Cows
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CCF Eleanor (BE) 0263   (925348)
11/12/2002   CCTN  0263
LCHMN Bullseye 1379G  X Leachman Eleanor
She is a direct Eleanor daugher and maternal sister to Lman King Rob 8621!
Embryos available
Bowden Golden Alberta   (826258)
2/11/2002  1SRB  B18
LCHMN Gold Robber 1909E  X  Buckeye Alberta
A phenomenal donor cow  and rare Gold Robber 1909E daughter
Embryos available
Bowden Barlee 4X E203   (879987)
10/19/2002  1SRB  E203
BJR Monu 4x  X VDAR Goldi 412
A beautifully uddered 4x daughter!
CCF Eleanor (BE) 0263
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LCC Major League A502M  x Johnson Robbie 11586 Randi
BW 1.8  WW 42  YW 77  Milk 26  TM 47
Embryos available!